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Membership Rates and Special Monthly Promotions



We are more than a Gym. 

We are “YOUR” Community Recreation Center.

The Simmons Center takes pride in its mission of Uniting Recreation, Performing Arts, and Conventions to Build a Healthier Lifestyle for All. 

When you Join the Simmons Center, You join a Place where:

Individuals and Families find a safe, positive environment to have fun and spend quality time.

Adults are able to connect with friends, pursue interests while practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Relationships are built that further a sense of belonging and purpose.


     Membership Rates           

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Individual/Family Memberships




6 Months







Single Adult




Single Parent Family












Senior Citizen




Senior Couple




The Simmons Center is accessible to all people.  Financial Assistance is available for individuals and families who cannot afford membership through the Community Spirit Program, forms are available at the Recreation Center Front Desk.

Membership Descriptions

Student- Full time students 24 years of age or younger

Single Adults - 18 -61 years

Single Parent -1 adult w/children 24 years and under

Couple- 50 years of age and older

Family- Two adults and children 24 years and under living in same household

Senior Citizen -62 years of age and older

Senior Couple- 62 years of age and older


Joining Fees

Joining fees are non-refundable, one time charge as long as membership remains continuous. The joining fee will be required if membership has lapsed for more than 30 days.  Memberships are non-transferable to other individuals and may be revoked for inappropriate behavior or not abiding by Simmons Center policies and guidelines. 

Payment Options

Monthly payment is available through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  Your first monthly payment plus the joiner fee is required when joining.  Automatic withdrawals are made from checking, savings or credit card 30 days from date of joining.  If you would like to select a different draft date please ask your SC Membership Representative.  Membership fees returned due to insufficient funds will be subject to a $35 NSF service fee.

Annual and Six Month Payments are also available. To join, pay the annual fee plus the joiner fee by check, cash, debit or credit card.  Renewals will not be assessed the joiner fee if paid within 30 days of expiration date.


Cancellation Policy

For cancellations a 30 day notice is required.  Monthly draft transactions will show on bank statements as ActiveNet.  Members are responsible for reviewing bank statement to verify proper deductions and cancellation and notifying us within 30 days if draft has failed to terminate.  No refunds will be given beyond 30 days.